Extending Hope

Our Story

Child of Purpose was founded in 2010 to bring love, hope, and support to the children of Haiti. Since 2010, Child of Purpose has seen a great response from the people of Haiti, which has allowed Child of Purpose to further its efforts in improving the outcome of each Haitian child’s future.

Darren and Robin DeLozier are influential figures in the Haitian community and the founders of Child of Purpose.

Their journey in developing Child of Purpose began after they finalized the adoption of their daughter, Alexandra, in 2007. Alexandra’s adoption was a huge eye-opener for the DeLozier family, and it prepared them for their mission to reach the children of Haiti.

“Seeing the children in the orphanages broke our hearts,” explained Darren and Robin. “Many of these children are never held and never talked to. Their heads become flat from laying on one side for days—it’s almost too painful to even talk about. It affects you. You lose sleep, you pray. You start carrying a burden. You get angry, you want to do something, but you don’t quite know what to do.”

The finalization of their daughter’s adoption process was an immense victory and the beginning of a new course for Darren and Robin DeLozier. Darren began to feel a call to Haiti and a strong mandate from God, which became clearer every day.

Because of Darren and Robin DeLozier’s dedicated efforts to the people of Haiti, they’ve become well-connected humanitarians by reaching, loving, and supporting those in need.

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