Extending Hope

More than 2 million people were left homeless after the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. But thanks to the supportive efforts from many governments, nonprofit organizations, and humanitarians, the nation of Haiti received food, care, and assistance.

Child of Purpose was founded in 2010 to extend love, support, and hope to children around the world. Since 2010, Child of Purpose has seen a significant response from the people of Haiti and Pakistan, which has allowed us to further our efforts to improve the outcome of each child’s future.

With that being said, Child of Purpose is currently providing food, shelter, and education to each child that comes to our orphanage.

With your help, we can create a positive environment where the children of Haiti and Pakistan receive the care, food, shelter, and education they deserve.

Darren & Robin DeLozier

Darren and Robin DeLozier are influential figures in the Haitian community and the founders of Child of Purpose. Their journey in developing Child of Purpose began after they finalized the adoption of their daughter, Alexandra, in 2007. Alexandra’s adoption was a huge eye-opener for the DeLozier family, and it prepared them for their mission to reach the children of Haiti.

In order to really help the children of Haiti & Pakistan, we have developed a method that would do more than feed the hungry. Our program not only feeds and cares for orphan, but shelters the homeless. This is made possible by partnering with local mission organizations and Haitian pastors, and their churches.


Each of our orphanages and communities are developed from modular building designs that are centered on worship and education. Each of our shelters provides safety and comfort for orphaned children and widowed mothers made homeless by impoverished circumstances and environmental disasters.


At Child of Purpose, we know that sharing and caring for others is pleasing to God. With our charitable resources, we've helped restore the lives of children within international communities. Our efforts and charitable deeds will continue to bring restoration to the hearts and lives of those involved in our programs and affiliated projects.

Friendly Environment

Every child who comes to our facility receives warm affection and assistance. Because of the warm affection and assistance we provide, each child is able to start a new and exciting life filled with joy, love and support. 

Nutritious Meals

We provide each child with a generous and healthy amount of food that fill his or her tummy. By doing this, we have been able to extend hope to children, families and orphans who live in impoverished situations.

Safe Shelter

Every child deserves the opportunity to sleep, learn and play in a safe and friendly environment. For the past five years, Child of Purpose has provided each child at our orphanages the necessary shelter to rest, eat, grow, learn and play.

Bible Training

Child of Purpose believes that God has a plan and purpose for every person. By teaching the children at our orphanages the Word of God and biblical scripture; we can give them hope for a bright and healthy future.

Academic Education

Most of the children that come to our orphanage are often raised without any form of academic education. This allows us the great pleasure of providing each child in our program the opportunity to receive a formal education.

Trade Skills

Once the children at our orphanage reach an appropriate age, we begin teaching them certain life and trade skills. The life and trade skills we teach each child have helped further their understanding of personal responsibility and the appreciation of hard work.